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About Me

V.M. Weisen

My work history is all over the place, so I'll stick with the most recent.  A decade and a half ago, I was a cosmetologist at a high-end salon.  In a single week, I quit my job, shaved my head, and joined the Navy (looking back, I was definitely in the middle of a hypomanic episode). While in the Navy, I met my husband, and we decided to start a family.  I got out while pregnant and haven't gone back to work since.  I currently homeschool our feral son and spend my days doing that, cleaning, and writing.  I am a member of Romance Writers of America, the Alliance of Independent Authors, and The Authors Guild, to name a few.  I also have a Creative Writing bachelor's degree from Full Sail University.  We have three dogs, and when my husband, who is still on active duty, heads out to sea, the rest of us spend time traveling between family members across the country.  


As someone with an array of mental health disorders, I am a huge advocate for mental healthcare and therapy for any and all who need it.  I am medicated and usually in therapy and I still struggle with my mental health.  It wasn't until I embraced that part of me and accepted it that I was able to make writing a major and constant part of my life.  That's why I've made mental health a part of my platform.  I want to normalize mental health conversations and healthy healing. 

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