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Paranormal / Urban Fantasy

Queen of the shifters.jpg
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Book One in the Council's Kings Series

When a seer informs Alpha King Bryant where to find his mate, he hits the ground running. He never could have predicted he'd find a human that confuses both him and his wolf. 


When Tallia is bitten by a shifter and changes into a wolf herself, all bets are off. 


Bryant doesn't want a turned shifter for a mate and definitely not one who falls outside the shifter hierarchy. But the mating call is hard to ignore.  


Soon, someone starts attacking Bryant's pack, and when Tallia gets in the middle of that, he'll do anything and everything to keep his mate safe.  

Queen of the Vampires.jpg
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Book Two in the Council's Kings Series

Cohen hates women but needs an heir that only his mate can give him.

Ellie spends her days working to pay the bills and visiting her dying sister in the hospital.

When Cohen offers her a chance to both pay off her debts and heal her sister, Ellie jumps into surrogacy without giving it too much thought.

As they spend more time together, the mate bond grows stronger.

Cohen will have to decide if he still hates women or if he can make an exception for Ellie.  

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