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Corsaw Series Update

Significant progress has been made this last week in my writing world.

I have officially completed the first draft of book one in the Corsaw series. That means the very basics of Tobias and Ivy's story is complete. There's still a lot of work to be done, but the first major step is complete.

Right now, I am taking a few days off to reset my brain, and then I will begin the first revision on the prequel novella. For anyone paying attention, that is Caleb and Arlo's story, which will be released exclusively to those who subscribe to my mailing list. Admittedly, I may eventually place it in a boxed set when this whole thing is said and done, but that isn't set in stone yet and would hypothetically happen months after the series is fully published.

Honestly, that's all I have for you today. I've been working hard to pump out this story, but I think these first revisions are going to take a little longer than I had initially anticipated. I'm not sure what that is going to do to my overall schedule, but I don't think the result will be as bad as my anxiety is trying to make it seem. So far, I have been writing faster than planned, so I am hoping that the two will balance out. Unfortunately, because of my hand, I got a late start with book one, so this whole book may end up pushing the rest. All that said, the release date is still tentatively scheduled for early to mid 2021.

To join the mailing list and receive Caleb and Arlo's story before the Corsaw series is set to publish, head on over to my home page and scroll down to the subscribe section.


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