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Anyone paying attention will know that this week's post should be a book review. And oh how I wish it was... But it isn't.

I've read books, several, in the past month, but none have been recommendation worthy. I've also been beta reading for others, preparing for my husband to deploy, and trying to talk myself out of altering my schedule for a fresh idea.

I wish I could report that I was successful at all things, but I'd be lying. My schedule and this book review took the hit. We'll just have to wait for next month for another book review, and as for the overall schedule, its getting pushed a month back as well.

I was already behind schedule due to my hand. Now, I am just pushing it a full month to make things nice and easy. Though that is not my only motivation. No, inspiration struck me last week and I've been unable to rid myself of it.

It started as an idea. That turned into a plot, that turned into characters, that turned into an outline. And now, I'm writing another story that has nothing to do with the Corsaw series.

I apologize for my runaway brain, but this idea could not be stopped.

So there you have it, all my failures of this past week. I hope you all are on track for whatever your New Year's goals were. As for me, I will just have to be better in the future.


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