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Hot Mess Revisions

I am neck deep into revisions of my stand alone book: Avalanche. It's going well and I am just about to the beta reader stage of the process. I'm pumped and nervous and possibly going crazy.

Let me be perfectly honest, my life is falling apart. I'm learning that I have a one track mind and it's not a good thing. I'm revising like a bad ass over here, meanwhile the rest of my life is a disaster. My house is a mess, my child is turning feral, and I haven't seen the sunlight in roughly four years.

I don't know what makes me so incapable of keeping my life together while revising, but I truly believe I am. I think in the future I will have to warn all my loved ones when I enter this phase to not expect much of me. Thankfully, my husband is still deployed so he has no idea that I'm such a mess.

All that said, I really am excited about the work I've done on this book. I'm excited to get feedback from beta readers and find out how I can take it even further. I'm hoping to send the book out end of this week or beginning of next, but we'll see when I actually finish this round of revisions. I need to get this book away from me so I can actually resume my life as a semi functioning adult.


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