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I've Neglected You

Let me start off by apologizing. I've neglected this blog and my newsletter for a while now. I was kind of a mess, to be honest. There were at least a few months where I was questioning everything and thinking I should just become a ghostwriter.

But I'm back now!

Or I'm going to try to be. I'm going to try to get back to blogging and sending out my newsletter on a regular schedule. I may fail some weeks, but I need to try to get in the habit again.

Speaking of habits, I'm trying to add in more writing time to my schedule and today was day one. I woke up at 0330 this morning. It was rough, but I really loved having the extra time to write in my quiet house. As an added bonus, I got to make my husband a cup of coffee and send him off to work. I never see him in the mornings so that was super nice.

As far as my writing goes, I am currently working on an exclusive project titled Queen of the Shifters that will be released on various serial platforms. I've already released Avalanche on Radish, Webnovel, iReader, and Dreame so look for it there.

For years I planned to go the book route but then somewhere in the middle of last year I discovered serial web novels and fell in love. That's where my head is at these days and I'm going to try to focus on those for the remainder of the year. I imagine some of them will make it into book form eventually, but for now I'm focusing on serialization.

Queen of the Shifters should start releasing soonish and I'm looking forward to writing even more now that my head's back on straight.


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