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New Year's Eve's Eve

I'll be honest, I have no idea about the grammar of that title. And now I've blown my blog SEO... not that that's something I ever actually pay attention to. Okay, for real now. Here We Go!

Today I turned 33. Don't worry, my husband already informed me that I am a third of a century old. Marrying a younger man was a great decision... somedays. In case you were wondering, all I want for my birthday is a vacuum cleaner. I'm a little disgusted with the adultyness of that desire. When did I get so old? I had a long conversation with my friends about what kind of vacuum cleaners they use and if they like them. What the hell happened to us? I should probably quit fighting it at this point, but I will forever deny the fact that I'm a grown-up.

Now for News!

The first short story from the Corsaw series is out and ready for reading. I really wanted to make my story blog post, but that's reserved for the first Monday of the month, and breaking the schedule I just designed seemed like a hole I didn't want to go down. And by that, I mean I really, really wanted to just make the story post. But I denied my desires and acted like a... gasp... adult. Anyway, if you want to check that out, head on over to Stories From Corsaw and read about when Bernie met Effie for the first time.

As this is the last blog post of the year, it seems only fitting that we discuss resolutions. Right? I mean, isn't that what adults are supposed to do this time of year? Decide we aren't going to be fat next year or something?

Well, I don't have any new resolutions. Whoops!

I set up my timeline and goals months ago, and my only resolution is to stick to them. And maybe be better about cleaning my house, but I need that damn vacuum!

I suppose now would be as good a time as any to share my very tentative schedule with the world. I will say that I expect beta readers, editors, and cover designers to throw me completely off schedule because I've only given them a month each to cover six books (and a seventh cover for the designer). I'll move things around when I get closer to needing to hire those jobs out, but I can show you what I've got for now.

Oct 19-Nov 19

I finished the prequel novella, but the first revision had to be pushed because of my hand.

Dec19-Jan 20

Finish book one and do first revision on novella.

Feb20-Mar 20

Finish book two and do first revision on book one.

Apr 20-May 20

Finish book three and do first revision on book two.

Jun 20-Jul 20

Finish book four and do first revision on book three.

Aug 20-Sep 20

Finish book five and do first revision on book four.

Oct 20

Do first revision on book five.

Nov 20-Dec 20

Preform second and third revision on the entire series.

Jan 21

Send books out to beta readers or a developmental editor if I decide I'm wealthy. Have cover art made.

Feb 21

Do fourth revision based on feedback and send out to editor.

Mar 21

Do fifth revision based on feedback and format. Send out novella to subscribers and put first book up for preorder!

Apr 21

Set preorder up for book two and publish book one!

So there you have it. For the sake of transparency, let me also add that I may throw in an extra revision if needed, but only time will tell.

I suppose accomplishing all this can be my resolutions for the next two years. My goals are specific enough that I think they're good ones, but we shall see. My husband has at least one deployment within that time, and things are always crazier during deployment. Basically, life is going to get messy. My schedule is pretty relaxed for the writing process, so I'm hoping that will give me some cushion for when life gets in the way.

That's it from me. I hope all of you have a wonderful holiday and achieve all your resolution goals in the coming year!


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