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Novella Update

Now seems like an excellent time for an update. So, I have officially finished the rewrite on the novella and most of the points I needed to hit for the first revision. Today I will finish up preparing it for storage. I don't really have a better term for it. I've been obsessing over the novella, and now it is time to set it aside until I finish writing the entire series and come back to do the second revision.

I have a day or two of prep work to do, and then I am going to rewrite the first book of the Corsaw series. Yes, I realize this will be the second book out of two that I have rewritten in this series, but it is a necessary evil. The novella was okay, but now it's a lot better. This first book is a disaster, but I think I have a good direction for it now and am excited to dive back in. Hopefully, after this I will only have to write each book once, and then I can knock this series out!

So, I had a thought the other day that maybe I should be talking about the characters more so everyone knows who is in what book. As more and more short stories are released, everyone will become more acquainted with the characters and hopefully start to get a feel for Corsaw. Visit Stories From Corsaw to see those.

The novella is a m/m romance between Caleb and Arlo. I've never written a m/m book before, but when I was planning out the series it felt wrong to leave Arlo out since all his brothers have such amazing things ahead of them. And then I thought up Caleb. I love Caleb so much. He's sweet and awkward and just an all-around great guy. I'm excited for you to read all about their meeting and everything that took place three years before the actual start of the Corsaw series.

A quick reminder: The novella will be released for free to those who subscribe to my mailing list. While it may be included later as a part of a boxed set, signing up for the mailing list guarantees that you will receive Caleb and Arlo's story before the series is released.

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