FANCY JUNK AND OTHER STORIES ranges from stories about real-world family issues to stories with a paranormal twist. The collection offers readers a dramatic glimpse into the lives of five women. 

"Twelve Years" is the story of Ann and her father trying to make their relationship work after tragedy strikes despite having spent the last twelve years apart.

"Intruder" is a story about a woman who just wants to be left alone, and the intruders who refuse to let her.

In "The Last Time," Tara has had it with her mother's greed, but her sister, Ashley, isn't ready to let go just yet.

"The Reason" is the story of Effie and the unusual skills she's gained over the years. When her friend is in desperate need of a protector, Effie might just be the perfect person to help.

"Fancy Junk" follows Amber as she tries to do the bare minimum at work. However, strange customers aren't going to make it easy on her.

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