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A while ago, I was struggling to write in the Corsaw series and I took a break to write a stand alone story about an avalanche. Lately I've been struggling. I have no interest in the Corsaw series. My creativity just isn't flowing in that direction. I've bumbled around with other ideas but haven't been actually getting anything done.

So I returned to Avalanche. Today I started the first round of revisions on this book. It needs a lot of work, but I'm excited about it and feel better now that I have a clear goal again. From the beginning I planned to submit this book to agents and go the traditional route. I'm not sure if that's still my goal or not, but I do hope to be finished with revisions by the end of May at the latest.

I feel like I owe someone an apology for failing to stay on task with the Corsaw series, but I just can't get those juices flowing. I tried everything I could think of but kept ending up stuck. I'm not abandoning the project forever, just moving on to something that's actually flowing for now.

I've also sucked at blogging lately, but that ties into the whole Corsaw issue. I haven't had anything to report on or talk about other than my complete mess of a brain. My mental health is relatively good at the moment, it's just the creative side of things that isn't working out. I've tried to think through this issue and discover where the block is coming from but I'm at a loss.

So that's all I have for this post. I'm in revisions and I'll try to blog more, but likely not every Monday as revisions don't leave a lot to talk about. We'll see.


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