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I'm a flip-flopper who keeps flip-flopping around. Don't worry; I drive myself crazy too.

So I was chugging along, working on the Islanders duology. All of a sudden, I was motivated to write Corsaw book one again. Since the Corsaw series is my main focus these days, I spent a few days altering characters and reoutlining the book... for the millionth time. I feel good about it, but I've felt good about this stupid book in the past too. I'm a mess, to say the least. But this morning, I started writing book one all over again because shit has to get done.

If you recall, and sometimes even I don't remember, I've already written book one. And then I rewrote it but didn't finish. And then I rewrote it again and didn't finish. And now I am starting again, but this time I made major changes to characters, and I'm feeling good about them. Basically, I have been working on this stupid book for over six months, with a few detours thrown in the mix. It is time to get this thang finished.

I've decided this is it. Make it or break it. I'm going to write this damn book and then move tf on.

I do think stepping away from this project for a bit was a good idea. It did manage to get the juices flowing again, which is all I can really ask for since I was stuck in rewrite hell. This new version barely resembles the original book, and I think that's a good thing.

So there you have it. Welcome to my flip-flopping life that I pretty much have no control over


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