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I Wrote Today

I spent all last week outlining and preparing a new story.  Today I officially started writing it.  

It. Was. Amazing. 

After spending months fighting words and feeling as blocked as blocked can be, it was such a relief to finally be able to feel good about putting words down on paper.  It was fun; it was productive; it reminded me why I love writing when lately I’ve been forgetting.  

A little bit about the story:  Right now it’s a duology that’s a little bit sci-fi, a little bit dystopian, with a dash of Suicide Squad minus the super powers.  It could easily turn into more than two books, but that’s all I have planned for now.  

Because of all of this, my plans have changed.  I’m planning to pause writing the Corsaw series and write these two books.  Hopefully, after that happens I’ll rediscover my original hope and motivation for the Corsaw series and carry on with it.  I know it has promise.  I know it could be great.  However, something is hanging me up and until I can figure out what to do next with the series, I need to create some distance.  Worst-case scenario, I think it will push publication of the Corsaw series to 2022, but I’m not giving up on it.  

So plans are changing and things aren’t going exactly the way I’d hoped, but today I don’t care.  Because I wrote today and it went well.  Because things are finally moving in a forward direction.  And honestly, that’s all I can really ask for.  


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