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I am one week into writing book one of the Islanders (working title) duology.  The only day I didn’t write was yesterday, and that was because I just wasn’t feeling it and was obsessed with finishing the book series I was reading.  Don’t you worry, I’ll address that series next week when I do my book review.  Needless to say, soooooo good.  

This book is coming along nicely, and even with missing a day of writing I am still a chapter ahead of schedule.  I still don’t know what will become of this duology, but I imagine I won't actually publish it until after the Corsaw series.  I really want to debut with the Corsaw series.  

While the Corsaw series is where my heart lies, the Islanders duology is a fun diversion from that.  It’s unlike anything I’ve ever written and I’m enjoying envisioning what weapons and technology will be like in the future.  

Other than that, I don’t have much of an update this week.  Today I have to start the process of scrubbing my house from top to bottom.  My husband is due home from deployment in a month and I want everything to be perfect for him upon his return.  Although I looove writing and reading romance, I am not a mushy person.  I like to show my appreciation by doing things for my husband and giving him things he would never buy for himself because he’s a money saver (I am definitely a spender).  I am currently working on redesigning our backyard to create a pleasant space to hang out in.  My husband loves to grill and I love to not cook so I want a space that encourages him as much as possible.  

I am excited about our book review next week and I will need to update Awesome Shit I Love to include this new book series, so definitely come back next week for an update.  


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