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Quarterly Goals

This week I am going to talk about something a little different: Quarterly Goals.

At the beginning of this quarter (July), I decided to try and set my goals up a little differently than I have in the past. I've set major long term goals that extend out to ten years and beyond, and I'm plugging away at them, but sometimes I forget the small things. I lose myself in the larger picture. That's where quarterly goals come in.

For those of you who are unfamiliar, quarterly goals are set... every quarter of the year. That breaks down to three months a pop.

Now, I ordered several quarterly planners to sort through and choose the best one for what I wanted out of life. What I ended up deciding on was the Clever Fox Ultimate Achievesrs planner. It is pretty much everything I could ever ask for, but keep in mind, I also run my household and homeschool a five-year-old. You may not need as many to-do list boxes like me, so I recommend looking around at a couple of different versions. Clever Fox has at least one other type of planner, I believe, but plenty of companies make them.

As I rearranged my life, I happened upon a YouTube video by Jenna Moreci about quarterly goals and the Clever Fox planner, which is actually how I found out about that specific planner. You can watch that video HERE and see Jenna walk you through both quarterly goals and how she uses the Ultimate Achievers planner.

I really like planners that include things like gratitude and emotions and junk, but I'll admit I'm not the best at using those boxes. Today in the GRATEFUL FOR box, I wrote "anxiety meds" as I am in a high anxiety spike right now, and it seemed fitting. At the same time, I feel like I'm supposed to be grateful for some hippy, deep shit that never feels genuine to me. So just know, if you write "Coffee" in the EXCITED ABOUT box, I'm right there with you.

All in all, I feel like my life is coming together in a much more organized fashion. The planner makes my day seem manageable and almost magical in that suddenly, I feel like I can fill it with all kinds of productive crap.

So look up quarterly goals. Look at planners (Something that always brightens my day). And then go get shit done.

And no, I don't get paid a dime for this endorsement.


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