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Son of the Cursed Bear

This month's book review is one of my favorites that I just reread. T.S. Joyce has several series that spawned from the ones in Damon's Mountains. I have loved every series that I've picked up, but the Sons of Beasts and the one that follows (Daughters of Beasts) were my favorites.

I read Sons of Beasts first and have read a few of the other ones here and there, but recently I came back and tried to do them all in order. It made my experience so much better to know where the sons and daughters came from. But it's unnecessary. I loved the Sons of Beasts series knowing nothing in the other series.

The series starts with Son of the Cursed Bear, and from moment one of that book, I was hooked. I love the characters more than I can express. I laughed so much while reading these books.

Honestly, I can't recommend these enough.


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