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Thankful For New Beginnings

I lost focus and made a crucial error. Thankfully, due to my hand, I have had a lot of time to study and come to my senses.

You see, I forgot who my audience is.

Like the newb I am, I've been targeting writers. But I'm not writing a romance series for writers. I'm not writing a novella and a literal crap ton of short stories for writers. It's all about the readers, as it should be. And I forgot that while building my online presence.

Thanks to my hand, I am still unable to write (there is only a smidge of sarcasm here). I truly am thankful that I caught this fatal flaw early on and now have more than enough time to spend on my website and social media accounts. I love writers... How could I not? But I love romance readers more.

I'm pretty sure my last post was a transitionary post as well, and it was a bigger transition than I had anticipated. Because of that post, I learned what I needed to write this one.

Consider this my last post directed at writers. From now on this blog will have a new schedule:

1st post of the month will be all about my most recent short story and provide a link to find it.

2nd post will be a free for all about my life and behind the scenes stuff.

3rd post will be a book review of something I've read recently and liked.

4th and occasional 5th post of the month will be another free for all.

Tomorrow marks 4 weeks since I had to have surgery because I carved my hand instead of that damn pumpkin. At 6 weeks we will revaluate my hand and I may be able to use it for small things. It's my hope that soon after that I can start typing with at least a couple of the fingers on my right hand... and start driving again. Until then, I don't foresee me writing any of the short stories I have planned, so that aspect is on hold.

Basically, please be patient with me while I rip apart my webpage and try to get my shit together.

Happy Turkey Day.

Be thankful for... stuff.


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