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Wrapping Up

I should finish the book I'm currently writing this week and then I'll move on to the next. I'm awaiting beta reader feedback on Avalanche but I want to finish the current series (3 books) I'm writing before going back in and editing it.

I am hoping to have Avalanche out to everyone within six months tops, but there are a lot of things going on in the coming months as well as the length of the editing process so we will see. This is the first time I've gone through the process of fully editing a book so I don't want to nail down any dates as of yet.

The more time I take away from Avalanche the more what I need to do is becoming clear. I knew when I sent it off to betas that it wasn't in its final form, but I was stuck with how to proceed next. I was too close to the project. Pretty much as soon as I sent it off I started having realizations on how I could improve it. I've already gotten one reader's feedback and it brought to light a lot of things while confirming some of what I'd already realized.

Admittedly, it was difficult to have someone list everything they found that was wrong with my book, but I know I will be better for it. I know Avalanche will be better. And that's the end goal. I want to put out a quality story for you all and my pride is the price I must pay. I believe I've found an editor for once my next revision is complete and I'm excited to work with her and take Avalanche to the next level.

In mental health news, my anxiety is still spiking. I can't seem to knock it away long enough to get back to normal. I had a couple of days last week where I was so damn angry and couldn't calm down. Even my pills were having trouble combatting the anxiety. But I'm hoping this week will be better.

I think I just need a hard reset. I need to go on vacation and get away from all of this. My husband is coming home from deployment at the end of May and that will definitely help. He'll have a week or two off where he can take over some of my day to day tasks and give me a bit of a break.

I feel shitty saying I need a break to my husband. He's spent the last several months stuck on a ship, working his ass off, and never getting a break. But I'm worn out. I need something to come in and shake things up and his return will be just the thing. However, we will have to learn how to live together again. Him returning home is always an adjustment, but I'm excited.


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